E.Q. Management: Amp Up Your Team’s Performance!

E.Q. Management: Amp Up Your Team’s Performance!

What does a high-performance culture mean in your company? In today’s workforce, this can’t be limited to a reflection of your employees’ annual performance review. It is a unique formula which explains why and how people do their job better than they did it before they joined your company.

McKinsey’s research identifies that organizations with higher performing cultures create a 3x return to shareholders, and it’s one of the most essential drivers of business performance.

Creating a high-performance culture is one of the ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and it is an opportunity to have a competitive advantage which will be impossible to copy. How do we create a high performing culture? The first barrier for creating an effective and efficient workforce environment is the lack of emotional intelligence (EI), which is one of the most relevant and important leadership skills. As a manager, it’s a daily challenge to understand employees’ needs, support them with lifelong education and inspire them towards new achievements.

In our event, we will share with you how EI should be a crucial element of a high performing culture and can help you design a unique environment. Additionally, it will help your team members to reach their full potential and create those different experiences which will drive the company to achieve extraordinary business results.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Which behavior changes can unlock your business performance
  2. How to develop emotional intelligence (EI) skills in your leaders
  3. What aspects of the organization should we change to get the behaviors we seek


Lamya Alaoui Certified Behavioral Consultant | Managing Director at CoachMya

Her corporate background includes 14+ years experience in Talent Acquisition and Management, where she had the opportunity to build and lead teams for companies such as Bertelsmann, Orange, Groupon, Google, and Microsoft.

She designs and leads workshops to support companies build high-caliber teams through understanding behavioral dimensions, teams dynamics and motivational drivers.

Lamya is a certified Behavioral Consultant and an accredited NLP Master-Practitioner.


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