Sebastiano Zanolli

Global Ambassadors

SEBASTIANO ZANOLLI, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Senior Management Consultant 


Our mission at Beaconforce is to become the new standard of people management by looking at people in the workplace as unique and ever-changing individuals. We envision a world where every single person is passionate about their job and feels fulfilled at work.


We are not doing this alone, through our Global Ambassadors community we are partnering with select thought leaders and experts around the world that are making a positive difference in people’s lives. Each of these individuals is bringing a unique and valuable expertise to this revolution. We are proud to share our vision with extraordinary individuals as Sebastiano.


In his role as Beaconforce’s Global Ambassador, Sebastiano will encourage business leaders and policymakers to look into redefining the meaning of work by focusing on the thing that matters most: their people.


For the last 25 years, Sebastiano has been working on his mission to make people and teams reach their professional goals while preserving humanity.


He brings with him years of multi-faceted executive experience leading global brands like Adidas and Diesel. He is currently a renowned motivational speaker and writer in Italy.


Together, we will work to move our vision forward: Create environments where people thrive, feel alive, and reach their fullest potential.



To learn more about Sebastiano check out his website

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